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Online visitor registration

For your trade fair or congress

We make your data work for you

An trade fair or congress brings exhibitors, speakers and visitors together. That starts with the online registration. We'll make the registration as easy as possible for both you and your visitors: by cleverly connecting the data and by logically arranging the online forms, so that your visitors can register effortlessly for your event and sessions. This way you'll build a solid and rich registration database that you can use during and after your event: in analyzes, evaluation and marketing.


One form, multiple routes

An open registration? That's easy! But when things get a bit more complicated, we really become entusiasta. Guests with a discount code, free tickets for the relations of your exhibitors, sessions that are not accessible to everyone or have limited capacity: it's no problem for our smart system and for our even smarter registration specialists. We'll send the personal invitations and organize everything in such a way that your visitors provide you with all the information you need. Our system is so flexible that we can configure the entire registration process muy rápido for you. How rápido? Within a working week, if necessary. Fast enough?

Get to know your visitors

Your trade fair or congress, your data - and with that you'll become very familiar, during and after your event. Whether it's in real time in our platform, or in a data export in the format of your choice. You'll always know exactly who your visitors are, and that is information that you could use to make your exhibitors very happy. Via your own exhibitor portal for example.

Data that could go in all directions

Do you have a guest list? We effortlessly import data in all kind of formats into our system. These data will then occupy a central place, from which it can be used for multiple purposes. For use in our visitor app for example. Muy eficiente! And the export and reporting options are also endless: based on the available data, our system tells you everything you want to know. And more!


The privacy of your visitors in trusted hands

Long before the GDPR came into effect, we'd already taken our measures. Privacy is important to us, so we ensure that the entire registration process is GDPR proof. We process the data of your visitors, speakers and exhibitors entirely in accordance with the privacy law and not outside the EU. A processing agreement is a standard part of our cooperation. Moreover, our products, processes and protocols are ISO 27001 certified, so the security of your data is something you can count on!

Safe online transactions and more...

We offer a secure online payment environment, but that's not all, of course. We prefer to work with, but we can integrate every payment provider into our systems. Our system is fully flexible in invoicing and processing of order and payment data. We automate administration processes for you. Via a secure link with your CRM system, for example. Or by validating entered VAT numbers and automatically sending invoices without VAT if your visitors come from abroad. As we told you before: we make it as simple as possible for you and your visitors!

A reliable system in a stable environment

Not only because we have to work with it ourselves, we place very high demands on the reliability of our systems and connections. We strive to ensure that our servers are always up and running and make sure that backups are available at all times. Leaving things to chance, that is so not us!


Branding: our templates, your style

For us, functionality and design are amigos. Design by default, to put it shortly. For your registration site, for example, we have different templates on the menu, which we decorate in the style of your event. Just like the different emails. And later the tickets and the badges, or maybe even your own event app. All our apps and tools look as if they have been specially designed for you by our designer. And if you also want to have everything put in to words nicely, then our copywriter is there for you.


The value of data

We know the value of data, which is why your visitor data is always accessible. To analyze, evaluate or use for marketing purposes. We set up the system in such a way that you will find exactly the reports and statistical data you need in your management dashboard. And with that data you can optimize the campaign for the next edition of your exhibition.

Valuable leads for your exhibitors

With our Leadscan app you offer your exhibitors a valuable for collecting leads, just with their own smartphone. They do this by scanning the QR code on the visitors' badge at their stand. The data about those visitors you want to share with them comes straight from the registration database.

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