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Provide your visitors with an identity

With the on-site registration, first of all we want to be rápido. Printing the badges should not take longer than necessary. But we also want them to look good. That is why we offer beautiful badges without the queues. In all shapes and sizes, and printed while your scanned visitor waits - very briefly, of course.

Best practice

  • Before the event, we design and print the badge on 350 grams laminated paper: in all colors of the rainbow, in the format that you want and with 1 or 2 holes for attachment. Free tip: make it two!
  • At the entrance of your trade fair or congress a label comes out of the printer upon scanning the ticket, that the hostess sticks to the pre-printed card. Any format is possible, but for practical reasons we do have our preferences.
  • And... that was actually the whole story and that's exactly how fast it goes. This way our scan stations can process around 300 visitors per station per hour.


Pretty, prettier, prettiest

With the badge described in the best practice above, your visitors (really, we know) want to be seen. But of course we can always do even prettier - almost as fast, but slightly more expensive, though.

Our professional card printers print solid plastic name cards on the spot: single or double-sided, in black or full color. The cards (PVC or Eco Pass if you prefer sustainable, as we do) have a slot for lightning fast attachment. Of course, we are happy taking care of the design and pre-printing of the plastic name card.


Different ways to attach

How to make your visitors wear their personal badge is a difficult choice, especially since there are endless possibilities and numerous suppliers. A chest clip, a pouch with clip, an adhesive strip or a keycord or lanyard, printed or not... ¡Ay, caramba!

With hundreds of events each year we have seen everything pass by, so we are happy to advise you from our experience. And if you want us to, we can also supply you with these materials.

Already convinced, interested or need more information?

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